Our dining associates are proud to deliver food that often exceeds the expectations of or residents.  We believe every dining experience at Eden Place should comprise of great taste and quality. Our managers perform frequent food audits which involve tasting, temperature, presentation and consistency.

In the dining room, you’ll be greeted by servers who are interested in getting to know you and your preferences. Simply choose from a variety of complete meals options from our menus.

Every menu includes healthy options, identified by our healthy choice symbol. These options meet specific criteria for fat, sodium, and preparation methods.

The fresh produce and food are provided by locally owned businesses who we have had a successful partnership for over a decade.

We would be happy to welcome your guests for a meal and will work with you to design a custom menu for special occasions.

Sample Menu


• Omelet with Cheese
• Toast, Margarine, Jelly
• Milk, Coffee, Tea or Juice


• Baked Fish
• Macaroni and Cheese
• Peas
• Fresh Fruit
• Milk, Coffee, Tea or Juice


• Chicken Sandwich
• Cucumber Salad
• Ice Cream